1. cindy-feng said: Checked out your page through the pigtails blog! I think you look amazing with the bump and congratulations on the baby. (Pretty late but better than never.) Oh and I couldn't agree more with your answer for the nosy anon. :) Have a nice day.

    Thank you so much


  2. Anonymous said: You look amazing!

    Thank you again!!


  3. Anonymous said: Congratulations!!

    Thank you!!

  4. Yes she’s a bit lovely.

  5. Yes. We made a beautiful baby.

  6. <333

  7. Yesterday <3

  8. Why does nobody wear pigtails anymore??

  9. Final bump shots #pregnant #pregnancy #overdue #40weeks

  10. Final bump shots. Exciting! #40weeks #Fullterm #pregnant #pregnancy #overdue #duedate